Rachel Heath

Intentional Living: learning to be fully present

About Rachel

I hate writing About pages so I’m just going to list a whole bunch of stuff about myself.

What do you need to know about me?

  • I live in Denver with my husband (Stephen), daughter (Isabella), and dog (Moses).
  • I’m a Christian. This is the foundation of everything I do.
  • I own two businesses; one as a professional writer, the other as a labor doula.
  • I’m a Colorado native and kind of a hippie.
  • I’m very active and I love hiking, backpacking, snowboarding, running, and yoga.
  • I love to cook.  We eat clean, organic, local, and home-cooked as much as we can.
  • We live as naturally as possible.
  • We practice attachment parenting.
  • We have an egalitarian marriage.

What I’m about:

  • Learning. About the world around me, about other people, other cultures, other viewpoints. I thrive on learning new things.
  • Growing. I’m constantly trying to become the best version of myself.
  • Challenging myself. In every area of my life, I love adventure. Taking risks keeps me humble and forces me out of my comfort zone into greater things.
  • Jesus. Not the judgy, exclusive, condescending Jesus that much of the church so unfortunately portrays, but the full-of-mercy, socially radical, compassionate, everyone-is-invited REAL Jesus.
  • Love. For everyone.
  • Grace. Trying my best to show it to those around me, and to myself. Remembering that everyone is fighting their own battle and none of us is perfect.
  • Understanding. Listening, especially when we don’t agree, instead of trying to be understood.
  • Simplicity. Spending less, consuming less, needing less, wasting less. Living simply and naturally.
  • Relationships. Investing in real relationships.  Showing honor always, not according to a person’s behavior, but according to their identity.
  • Passion. Doing everything with all of myself, whether it’s pursuing my dreams or completing the mundane daily tasks life requires. Wherever I am, I want to be all there.
  • Intention. Living every day, fully present.

2 thoughts on “About Rachel

  1. I just want to say that I’m all about all the things ‘you’re about.’ 🙂 SO well said.

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