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Five Minute Friday: Here

Lisa-Jo Baker has been hosting a Five Minute Friday party for over a year and somehow, I’ve never participated. It’s simple- she just shares a writing prompt and hundreds of bloggers write about it for five minutes. No editing, no planning, no worrying. Just raw writing.

So I’m joining in today. The prompt is: Here. So here I go…


Since my daughter was born 27 months ago, I’ve been learning a daily lesson in being present. Admittedly the first 12 or so months were more like a forced lesson, as I struggled with the challenge of caring for a child, day in, day out. My reality, here.

But I adjusted. I got out of my stupid head, through my ridiculous pride, and asked some people for help. I learned to get out of bed every morning (whatever time it was) knowing that I would be present. That I would be here.

Now I’m waiting for my son to be born. We’re having a homebirth, so I’m just staying… here.

No need to leave. No need to rush. He’ll just come when he’s ready. A big part of me has thought back to those early weeks with Isabella and felt a lot of fear. I remember wanting to escape, and I know there will be even more bringing me back to reality. Not just a newborn, but a toddler. I’ll be needed… here. I don’t know what it will be like, but I guess I’m just trying to say this: I promise I’ll ask for help if I need it. Right away, not a year from now.

Being here is worth more than my pride.



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15 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Here

  1. Here in Your presence I find my rest.
    Here in the quiet place.
    Here in the secret place.

  2. Being in the here 😉

  3. This was a touching post. It made me remember the birth of my own daughter and my beginnings into mother-hood….33 years ago. Thank you for the visiting me.

  4. I love your post, it took me longer to learn how to be present — I’m still learning. My first is 23, my youngest is 3 with four more in between… I’ve had a lot of opportunity to learn “here” and even more to wish for “there”. So be ready for those moments that push you “there”, you are off to a fantastic start.
    AND I love the picture you posted…
    A jump from 5 minute friday…

  5. So, so true. Everyday with children is a lesson in “being here.” I have two, and you can do it. Especially if you have such a great perspective, like you do, and are willing to ask for help.

    I would say I’m still adjusting to two, but it has drawn me so much deeper in my dependence on the Lord.

  6. Sometimes just being here is the most difficult thing. So happy for you that you feel you’ll be able to ask for help more easily this time around. It takes a village,…and all that. 🙂 Nice share and best of luck.

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming birth! Ahhh I love being a mommy. My true parenting days are just about over. Waaa! Enjoy the here. It sure goes quickly.

  8. Congrats on the new baby soon to join your family! I love the picture of the woman… SO cool!

  9. Congrats, I was born at home.

  10. Laura Hedgecock on said:

    I enjoyed your post. What a difficult time in which to be “present.”

    Laura Hedgecock

  11. Oh yeah, I remember these thoughts waiting for number 2 to be born. You can do it sister. Thank you for sharing such a great post on this word “here”.

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