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On March: Purging and Nesting

March – our purging month – was one of the most hectic months of my life. During the last few precious weeks before our new baby arrives, all I wanted to do was spend time sitting on the floor reading books with Isabella and going on walks. Instead I had 4 times my normal workload, deadlines nearly every day, and a commitment nearly every evening. I accessed my extrovert for 4 weeks straight and I’m exhausted.

I also had a powerful biological need to organize my home and keep every square inch of it cleaned within its life, which is the only reason I was able to do any purging and nesting at all.

Before and After pictures of our front coat closet (definitely the biggest nightmare):


This is embarrasing.

My gym bag finally has a home!

I also tackled our bookshelf, bedroom closet, refrigerator, and both cars. Izzy’s toys are stored in a big shelving unit from Ikea so she can get whatever she wants out and put it away herself. Pretty much everything we own now has a place to live and we’ve given a ton of stuff away. Stephen got rid of at least a third of his clothes:


I’ve always hated that tie.

empty hangers

See all those empty hangers?



Once I finished purging and organizing, I started on my birth checklists.

My home is in order.

My deadlines are met.

My birth supplies are gathered and my birth kit is assembled.

The carseat is installed.

The tub is cleaned.

My freezer is full of fresh homemade bread and meals ready to go, and we’re stocked up on snacks for labor.

Izzy’s bag is packed for my parent’s house.

My emergency bag is packed in case we need to go to the hospital.

Barrett’s clothes are cleaned and folded.

simplicity bannerI’m officially ready to have this baby. My home is ready, my body is ready, but mostly… my heart is ready. I’m aching to meet him. I’ve been waiting. I’ve done everything I need to do. I’m ready for a new season with a new child and a new normal.

I’m very, very ready for April’s goal: No Negativity. We will speak only words that encourage and bring life to ourselves and one another.


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