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On January: I Kinda Suck

simplicity bannerSo, our first month is over. How did we do on our rules? What do we want to change moving forward?

Social Media: At this point I think it’s safe to say that I’m addicted to social media. I decided not to check social media more than twice a day and I’ve broken that rule almost every day. If we’re facebook friends or you follow me on pinterest, you’ll see that I’m still on there all the time. I give myself a break when I’m sitting in the car with a napping toddler in the middle of the day, but most of the time, I could and should be doing something more important. I’m updating less frequently but I’m still opening the apps and making comments. Sometimes I unlock my iPhone and facebook is open before I even think about it. January has showed me that this behavior has become second nature and that scares me.

Television: We were so-so on the TV thing. It’s easy to fall into old habits, and there have been a handful of nights where we decided we’re just too tired to do anything, let’s just watch 4 episodes of Arrested Development, and we usually regret it. However, I think we’ve made a big improvement on how we were before; at least half the times we would have chosen TV, we chose reading, or cards, or drinking tea together instead. I’m feeling myself caring less about our favorite shows.

Purchasing: I think we did ok here.The only things I bought brand new were Izzy’s birthday present (we’re making an exception for gifts, and I had it picked out for weeks), a pair of cross trainers, and 2 sports bras (sorry, I’m not buying bras and sweaty workout shoes second-hand). We made no major purchases.

Tithing and Giving: We 90% fail at this. Stephen gave $20 to a new friend we met who is living in his car, but that’s it. Truthfully, I just don’t know how we can afford to give when we have to save up to pay my business taxes and buy new tires for our car and we already live paycheck to paycheck. But I suppose that’s the point of giving in faith, isn’t it? This is one of those things that feels wrong in the natural when you’ve never done it before, and we just have to decide to take the risk. So this month, I want to give… even if it’s just a little bit. Then I want to give a little more every month after.

Tomorrow is the first day of February, and the first day we officially ditch social media… and I thought this was hard before. #FirstWorldProblems, right?


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