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39 more hours and I’m free

Now our card reading system is completely down. If I wasn’t quitting before, I sure would now.


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4 thoughts on “39 more hours and I’m free

  1. I could let you in on all sorts of corporate acts of terrorism that would make you smile. Really. I wrote the book on ’em.

  2. Hi still haven’t managed to get my e-mail link to work so here bethdyer@btinternet.com ( Please don’t feel like you have to send me photos)

  3. thomg: Aw, I don’t want to do that. I just want to think about it… **malicious smile**beth: I’d love to send it to you!!

  4. Oh, so close! Let us know how the wind-down goes. For me, they are either super busy and chaotic or really boring… but never smooth.

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