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I just can’t quit you, Starbucks.

Tuesday I spent 2.97 on a Tall Vanilla Latte.

Today I spent 2.97 on a Tall 4-pump Mocha (uncontrollable chocolate addiction, anyone?).

February’s only 8 days underway and I’m already at $14.04. Craptacular.


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4 thoughts on “I just can’t quit you, Starbucks.

  1. R&R, that is stunningly craptacular. Ever considered maybe a daily coffee IV, or (gasp) a coffee enima?www.ineedcoffee.com/01/01/enema

  2. Yeah, but it’s kinda tricky to pull that off at work…(Thomg, that’s disgusting. Where do you find this stuff?)

  3. I just happen to be the best Web-based reporter in my office. I can find anything. Besides, I’m just weird that way. Your invites look spectacular, by the way.

  4. For a while (way back in the slap happy golden days of yore) I wrote this weekly Web site review column… if I was stumped I could always count on Thom to find me something wonderfully weird. He’s damn good.

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