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Coffee, my forbidden lover

I went through my debit card withdrawals for the month and discovered that I spent $77.74 on coffee. Granted, some of that is because I was nice and bought drinks for other people, but I also carry cash from time to time, so that figure doesn’t represent cash for coffee, so I guess it evens out. Frickin $77.74 is A LOT to spend in one month on coffee, especially on the poor-quality over-roasted stuff they churn out Starbucks. So my goal is to cut that down by two thirds (about $25ish), and since I’m the only one accountable for what I spend for the next couple months, I’m going to post every time I buy coffee, and how much I spent on it, and hopefully I’ll develop a better spending habit.

Today I spent $4.75 at Starbucks for a triple grande extra caramel iced caramel latte that, to be honest, I didn’t actually enjoy that much. I am SUCH a yuppie. There’s something shameful about having to admit I just spent nearly 5 bucks on some fru-fru drink I could have whipped up at home. Each of you may feel free to digitally slap me for my foolish, foolish coffee habit.


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5 thoughts on “Coffee, my forbidden lover

  1. As I sip my vente Starbucks Americano with the extra shot, you are digitally being whipped young lady. Let’s see, say you spend $90 a month on coffee; that’s $1,080 a year – nearly enough to buy the Gaggia Titanium Automatic (which my heart desires; see it at http://www.espressozone.com/gaggia-titanium.html). Put your money in a piggy bank, and buy a real espresso machine (or ask for one as a wedding present). Just looking out for your best interests.

  2. It IS a magnificent machine. We have an espresso machine, but it’s child’s play in comparison to the Gaggia Titanium. Ours doesn’t have an “electric blue LCD display” , “turbo frother steam wand”, or even a “convenient swivel base”. This thing even makes espresso in 8 different languages. Wow. I think we need to upgrade.

  3. I can’t cast stones here. When Wes left to Iraq, I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have all this extra money floating around… it was because I was eating out almost everyday! Seeing the amount spent definitely helped with the cure.

  4. It’s amazing how quickly it builds up.

  5. Wowie wow, wow wow wowie… a turbo frother steamer wand eh?… I’ve gotta get me one of those.

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